Former Casualty star Sunetra Sarker, who played Dr Zoe Hanna from 2007-2016, is set to join the cast of new school drama Ackley Bridge.
Sunetra Sarker as Kaneez Paracha in Ackley Bridge
Sunetra will be playing Kaneez Paracha – Dinner Lady, 39. Heart of gold but tough as old boots, Kaneez is a force of nature. Pakistani born, Kaneez came to Ackley Bridge when she was 16 to marry her husband Iqbal. However, Kaneez has raised her family almost single-handedly as her unreliable husband works away in Pakistan often for months on end. Self-educated, Kaneez enjoys her independence and running her family without a man around. Highly intelligent, colourful and fearless, feet first Kaneez is lippy and opinionated and will never shy away from an argument. Actually she quite likes them. Nevertheless, if there’s work to be done she’ll settle any row and roll her sleeves up and get on with things. She is an eternal pragmatist making the most of what she’s got and telling other folk to do the same. Kaneez is God fearing but ploughs her own furrow. She’s definitely a woman that you want to have on side. Read an interview with Sunetra on the Channel 4 website, by clicking here.