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Holby City E21 S21 Review:- Unredeemed

Dom in the on call room is how we're starting this week, he's awake before his alarm goes off, looking at himself...

Holby City E20 S21 Review:- The Wrong Horse

A familiar returning face starts us off this week, Lofty being that face, he arrives with his suitcase at the main doors...

Holby City E19 S21 Review:- Ex Marks The Spot

Ric and Xavier are in surgery to start the episode to start this week, Essie letting Mr Griffin know that Darla is...

Holby City E18 S21 Review:- Vinegar and Honey

Things are off to rather a steady start this week, Jac has gotten her coffee from Pulses, also seeing Ange and...

Holby City E15 S21 Review:- The Family Way

A rather irritated and annoyed Dom starts off this weeks episode, nearly succeeding in unhinging one of the doors going into Keller...

Holby City E14 S21 Review:- Ask No Questions

A familiar face is back at Holby as we start tonight's episode, namely Carole, she's sat in her car in the car...

Holby City E13 S21 Review:- Running

More of a easy start to this weeks episode, Ange and Chloe talk about it being Holly's funeral this week, Ange the...

Holby City S21 E9 Review:- Guts

It's quite the dramatic start to things this week as a group of protesters complete with banners...

Holby City and Casualty Throwback 14th January

Holby City Intuition - Series 16 Episode 14. Dom moves in with Arthur and Zosia.

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