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Casualty series 33 episode 26 review CasualyXHolby

This weeks episode is part one the much anticipated Casualty and Holby City crossover which is the first time in 14 years the shows have officially crossed.

Holby City E52 S20 Review:- Best Christmas Ever

Christmas day at Holby, 4:20am to be precise, we have Henrik in his office, lighting a couple of candles to add that...

Holby City E51 S20 Review:- Family Ties

A hungover Nicky in bed is beginning the episode for us this week, she's sipping water and looking a little bit worst...

Holby City E50 S20 Review:- The Right Sort of Animal

Xavier in his claret coloured suit is walking us into tonight's episode, he is taking his best man position very seriously, even...

Holby City: Series 20, Episode 52

Series 20, Episode 52 airs Thursday 27th December at 20:00 on BBC One. Christmas Day opens up old wounds...

Holby City E49 S20 Review:- Love Is

We're straight into the action of theatre this week with Serena doing the operation and Leah looking on from the room outside, when Ms...

Holby City: Series 20, Episode 51

Series 20, Episode 51 airs Tuesday 18th December at 20:00 on BBC One.

Holby City E48 S20 Review:- Hold My Hand

Ms Campbell, a tense looking Ms Campbell is heading the start of this weeks episode, sat in her car in the car park, almost...

Holby City: Series 20, Episode 50

Series 20, Episode 50 airs Tuesday 11th December at 20:00 on BBC One.

Holby City E47 S20 Review:- One of Us

We're right back in at the deep end this week, Sacha, Frieda and Fletch are all at Jac's bedside looking increasingly like the worse...




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