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Holby City E20 S21 Review:- The Wrong Horse

A familiar returning face starts us off this week, Lofty being that face, he arrives with his suitcase at the main doors...

Holby City E19 S21 Review:- Ex Marks The Spot

Ric and Xavier are in surgery to start the episode to start this week, Essie letting Mr Griffin know that Darla is...

Holby City E18 S21 Review:- Vinegar and Honey

Things are off to rather a steady start this week, Jac has gotten her coffee from Pulses, also seeing Ange and...

Holby City E17 S21 Review:- Pleased To Meet You

Quite a relaxed and nice way to start this weeks episode is Essie in Albie's with a bottle of Prosecco, Fletch leaves...

Holby City E16 S21 Review :- North and South

Zosia starts us off this week, a somewhat calm start to the episode, she's in a lab space in the hospital working...

Holby City E14 S21 Review:- Ask No Questions

A familiar face is back at Holby as we start tonight's episode, namely Carole, she's sat in her car in the car...

Holby City E12 S21 Review:- A Simple Lie Part Two

We're back into the action at Holby right away tonight, Henrik and Serena are in his office discussing if they can think...

Holby City S21 E10:- Powerless. CasualtyXHolby

For the second part of the two part crossover with Casualty, we start with Holby in darkness, the computer virus has shut...

Casualty series 33 episode 26 review CasualyXHolby

This weeks episode is part one the much anticipated Casualty and Holby City crossover which is the first time in 14 years the shows have officially crossed.

Holby City S21 E9 Review:- Guts

It's quite the dramatic start to things this week as a group of protesters complete with banners...




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