Tess Bateman


Played by​ Suzanne Packer

13/09/2003 (S18 E1)

22/08/2015 (S29 E45)

Last Appearance:
27/08/2016 (S31 E1)

Clinical Nurse Manager

Tess is a traditionalist – if there’s a rule book then she’s swallowed it. She may be viewed as a kill-joy and inflexible but her immaculate, business-like front masks a wicked, dry, sense of humour.

She joined the department in her mid-30s, having a range of nursing experience from previous hospitals. She was married with two children, but in 2006 her husband of 20 years filed for divorce. This was something which deeply affected both her work and personal life. By this time, Tess had taken up the role of Clinical Nurse Manager, something which she wasn’t willing to let go of easily.

In 2013, her short lived romance with staff nurse Adrian Fletcher began to make her question her career, and she considered resigning. At the end of 2014, she stepped down from the post of Clinical Nurse Manager and was replaced by Rita Freeman the following January. She left the department around 7 months later to assist her son who had recently become a father.

Previous Positions:

  • Emergency Nurse Practitioner (2003-05)
  • Clinical Nurse Manager (2005-15)
  • Band 7 Ward Sister (2011-15)

Family: Sam Bateman (son)