Tom Campbell-Gore


Played by Denis Lawson

13/08/2002 (S4 E45)

18/05/2004 (S6 E33)

Last Appearance:
15/01/2019 (S21 E3)

Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Surgeon Tom was an ambitious political animal, and wouldn’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of what he wanted. He excelled with his patients – offering them God-like reassurance in his abilities. Zubin got wind of his dodgy transplant ops and he was forced to resign.

Tom Campbell-Gore swept into Holby City Hospital to head up the inquiry into Anton’s behaviour. It quickly became evident there was little love lost between the two men – Anton got his job at Holby City in preference to Tom – and he was relishing his new found power over Anton. He was thrilled when Anton resigned on point of principle, giving him the chance to finally sweep into Anton’s shoes.

Tom’s an ambitious man who intends to make Holby City his own kingdom – with Campbell-Gore as king. He’s a political animal and he doesn’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of what he wants.

Tom’s personal life’s just as problematic. He had a serious drinking problem and seeked professional help from Anita, the woman he eventually gave up everything for. But Tom was frustrated being away from his beloved surgery and soon returned to Holby.

Tom took up the position of Locum Consultant but how will he cope without the power and supremacy of his former role.


  • Tom joined the wards of Holby City on the 13/08/2002 (S4 E45)
  • He left on the 18/05/2004 (S6 E33)
  • Campbell-Gore made a return on the 02/01/2019 (S21 E1), before leaving on the 15/01/2019 (S21 E3)
  • He setup a new unit based on Keller ward called the YAU alongside Ange Godard.