Played by Lee Warburton

24/11/2001 (S16 E11)

21/06/2003 (S17 E40)

Security Guard / A&E Assistant

Tony arrived as the department’s security guard thanks to a recommendation from brother Jack. He was an all-round good guy, caring and supportive of his brother, hard working and honest. A fracas in a gay club, when Tony was defending a friend had seen him end up in jail. But that was a long time ago and completely out of character. Tony was determined to make a better life for himself and kept his flash point temper in check.

Working in the department gave Tony new ambition and he got the role of Casualty’s EDA. However, the last we saw of Tony was on Jack’s wedding day when he and Nikki watched in horror as Jack died on a burning boat.

Tony always stood up for what he believed and always helped people, expecting nothing in return.