Feisty F2 Gemma Wilde, played by Ty Glaser, will also be leaving Holby City this year. Ty joined the cast in 2012 and made her debut in Holby in January this year. Her character Gemma is a single mum to Finn and is fiercely protective of her little boy. During her time on Holby, junior doctor Gemma has been held hostage, had a teasing will they/won’t they relationship with CT2 Harry and crossed boss Ric Griffin as she struggled to balance work with single motherhood.

Ty Glaser said: “I’ve had such a wonderful time working on Holby, the cast and crew have all been exceptional, a joy to work with. I’m beyond excited about future projects ahead of me but will always remember Holby as a fantastic year in my career.”

Oliver Kent said: “Each of these unforgettable characters has brought something unique to Holby City and it has been an absolute pleasure having them on the show. I’d like to thank Guy, Lauren, Jimmy and Ty for putting in stellar performances week in and week out to bring these characters to life and I wish them all the best for the future.”