Played by​ Marcus Griffiths

20/02/2018 (S20 E8)

14/04/2020 (S22 E14) – Deceased

Registrar in General Surgery

Xavier is a general surgical registrar at Holby City Hospital. He is very confident and charming, as well as an alpha male.

Xavier is not a metrosexual man, he loves nothing more than a bit of mansplaining and manspreading. He doesn’t see himself as sexist – he likes a competent woman as much as the next guy! He’s attractive and charming, but his attitudes usually mean that his relationships never last long, but that’s fine by him as he’s not really looking for anything serious at this point in his life.

His main goal is to have fun, and for him Holby is a new playground. His rakish devil-may-care attitude doesn’t immediately win him friends, but many are drawn to his charm and exuberance.

Zav clashes with co-worker Nicky McKendrick after they both get drunk at Albie’s.


  • Xavier appeared in the Emergency Department, on 28th April 2018 (S32 E33)
  • He set up a business with Donna Jackson
  • Xavier was suspended for fighting with Cameron Dunn
  • He died after being knocked down by a bicycle, and hitting his head on the curb – Cameron left him for dead (S22 E14)
  • Donna made the decision to donate his heart, as they were unaware if he registered as a dona. His heart is beating well and strong in a patient.