Played by​ Sharon Gless

First Appearance:
18/11/2017 (S32 E13)

Last Appearance:
13/10/2018 (S33 E9)

Consultant Neurosurgeon


  • Zsa Zsa is a neurosurgeon and the former mentor of Dylan Keogh.
  • Zsa Zsa trained Dylan to become a surgeon
  • Dylan & Zsa Zsa lost contact due to Dylan’s emotionally withdrawn personality
  • Dylan called Zsa Zsa and asked her to perform surgery on terminally ill Glen Thomas
  • Zsa Zsa first came to the ED on the 18th November 2017 (S32 E13) and left on the same day
  • She returned to help sort out Dylan on the 13th October 2018 (S33 E9), she later left to go back to America
  • Zsa Zsa performed an operation to remove Brian’s (Dylan’s dad) clot, after Dylan punched him and hit his head in the pub.